Test ASTM A182 F304 Flanges

Shree Steel India follow following Quality check Measures to maintain and improve Steel pipe Fittings & Flanges Quality and Customer satisfaction

  • High Grade Quality Manufacturer of EN 1092-1/BS4504/BS10 Flanges
  • Prime Quality DIN Flange Manufacturer in India
  • Free Sample of AWWA Flange for Quality check purpose

Our Quality Features :

*100% Material Test Report

Each finished flange before package is inspected by in-house or by Third party if customer requires and Material test Report is attached with Material. It avoids any mixing of material and wrong hard stamping on flange.

*100% Heat Treatment Test Report

Before dispatching Steel fittings & Pipe Flange we follow Heat treatment,it can stable mechanical of material.we provide 100% heat treatment report to EN 10222-5 ,ASME A182.Heat Treatment test report is also attached with Material

*100% Dimensional Inspection

At Shree Steel India, we follow Dimension inspection of all Flanges & Industrial steel fittings before supply, Technician contract tolerance based on standard when issuing drawing for engineer for forging. Dimension is strictly controlled on lath machining. Eventhough, our QC inspects each part of each dimension of every piece.

Steel Flange Test Report Sample;

Chemical Test   Report              Physical Test Report                        Third Party Test Report(EN10204-3.2)   
Intergranular Corrosion(IGC)-ASTM A262-EEN10204-3.2 by TUV
Intergranular Cossosion(IGC)-ASTM A262-CEN10204-3.2 by Lloyed
Intergranular Corrosion(IGC)-ISO3651-2EN10204-3.2 by Intertek

All the Pipe flanges meet the requirements according to ASTM A262 or DIN EN ISO 3651-2

ASK for Free Sample of test report for stainless steel flange-ASTM A262 IGC

Quality Standards we Follow for Producing Steel Flanges

ASME : B16.5, ASME B16.47, ANSI B16.36, AWWA
PLATE/LOOSE :  DIN2573, DIN2576, DIN2641, DIN2642, DIN2543, DIN2544, DIN2545, DIN2652, DIN2653, DIN2654, 
DIN2655, DIN2656, DIN2501, DIN2502, DIN2503
WELDING NECK :  DIN2630, DIN2631, DIN2632, DIN2633, DIN2634, DIN2635, DIN2636, DIN2637, DIN2638
THREADED :  DIN2565, DIN2566, DIN2567, DIN2568, DIN2569
SLIP ON :  DIN86029,
EN1092-1: TYPE01, TYPE02, TYPE04, TYPE05, TYPE11, TYPE12, TYPE13, TYPE32, TYPE34
JIS B2220 
BS: BS10, BS3293, BS4504
RUSSIAN: GOST 12820/12821
PIANE (PLATE) :  UNI2276, UNI2277, UNI2278, UNI6089, UNI6090, UNI6083, UNI6084, UNI2299, UNI2300
COLLARINO (WELDING NECK) : UNI2280, UNI2281, UNI2282, UNI2283, UNI2284, UNI2225
FILETTATE (SLIP ON) :  UNI2253, UNI2254, UNI2255, UNI2256, UNI2257
CIECHE (BLIND) :  UNI6091, UNI6092, UNI6093, UNI6094, UNI6095, UNI6098, UNI6099

Quality Policy

  • Our key directive is complete customer satisfaction.
  • We provide our customers with product and services that confirm to all requirements.
  • We develop quality objectives at appropriate level to ensure those requirements areeffectively addressed in our business
  • We are fully committed to continuous improvement as a strategic
    approach to achieve these quality objectives.
  • Our policy and associated quality objectives are reviewed and communicated to allemployees on a regular basis.

  • At SHREE STEEL  our employees adhere to and contribute to the efficiency of our quality system in every aspect of our business. Our commitment guarantees to provide our clients with uncompromising quality and service. This is achieved through a team approach where all the members are aware of the company objectives and work within their own discipline to make an effective contribution.

    To verify that the supply made to our clients exact specifications, our quality control team combines technical expertise, knowledge of industrial standards and the latest inspection tools and machines to meet all requirements. Particular attention is paid to high quality, tolerance and traceability.

    Our quality assurance program maintains the highest level of quality and actively contributes towards establishing and achieving the corporate objectives. Quality people, quality engineering and quality products.

    These are the key to SHREE STEEL  continued growth. Our commitment guarantees to provide the customer with uncompromising quality, responsive service, competitive pricing and on time delivery. This is achieved through a team approach where all the members are aware of the company objectives and work within their own disciple to make an effective contribution.

    The quality assurance system is guided by principles that support our unique working culture which incorporates respect, self management, open communication and creativity.

    These principles are:

    • We strive to be the best in our industry.
    • We care about our customers.
    • We do our absolute best to honor our commitments.
    • We strive to always act with integrity and fairness.


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