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Exporters & Supplier Of Superior Quality Monel 400 K500 Sanitary Tube Fitting In Mumbai India

Monel 400 K500 Sanitary Tube Fitting Monel 400 K500 Sanitary Tube Fitting

Tube Fittings

Our Tube Fittings, Twin-Ferrule include male connector, female connector, equal union, reducing union, bulkhead union, bulkhead male connector, male elbow, female elbow, union elbow, union tee, union cross, male branch tee, male run tee, female branch tee, female run tee, front ferrule, back ferrule, nut, plug, cap, socket welding pipe connector, butt welding pipe connector, reducer, an union connector, male tube adapter and female tube adapter, which have the same chemical, heating, and hardening treatments as Parker and Swagelok Fittings do. About working pressure of our tube fittings, it’s 6000psi for twin-ferrule type in Stainless Steel, 300psi for single-ferrule type in Brass material, and 1000psi for twin-ferrule type in Brass material. Our available sizes include metric sizes 2mm to 25mm and fractional sizes 1/16” to 1”. We can produce other sizes upon request.

Our Pipe Fittings for instrumentation include hex nipple, reducing hex nipple, reducing adapter, hex coupling, reducing hex coupling, reducing bushing, male elbow, female elbow, street elbow, reducing street elbow, tee, branch tee, street tee and male tee from sizes 1/8” to 1”. Our available material is stainless 304 & 316 and in general environment, the working pressure is 3000psi.

Our Instrument Valves include 2-PC Ball Valve Tube OD, 3-PC Ball Valve Tube OD, 3-PC Ball Valve Female end, 3-Way Ball Valve Tube OD, 3-Way Ball Valve Female end, Check Valve Tube OD, Check Valve Female end, Check Valve Male end, Needle Valve Tube OD, Needle Valve Female end, Needle Valve Angle Type and Manifolds (2 Valve Manifold, 3/5 Valve Manifold), produced by serious manufacturing process to ensure our quality’s durability & functional stability. Our available size is 1/8" to 1" and available material is Stainless Steel SUS316, and Brass. The working pressure for Stainless Steel 316 is 3000psi and for Brass is 1500psi.

Sanitary Fittings

Our Sanitary Fittings, Sanitary Valves, Sanitary tubes, Hygienic Fittings, Hygienic Valves, Tubes, Tri Clamp Fittings with smooth, crevice-free design and corrosion-resistance are available for matt, raw, bright and polished internal surface finishes and comply with DIN 11850, ISO 2037, BS 4825, JIS G 3447 and ASME dimension standards. We provide fast, efficient worldwide delivery of high quality sanitary tubes, sanitary fittings, sanitary valves and Tri Clover Clamp at competitive prices.

Our Sanitary Clamp, Pipe Clamp, Tube Clamp, Tri Clamp, Tri Clover Clamps, Stainless Clamp, Screw Clamp, Hose Clamp, Tube Hanger, Pipe Hanger include the types of 13LAH Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamp, 13MHHM Double Pin Heavy Duty Clamp, 13MHHVM Sch5 Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamp, 13MHP High Pressure Clamp, 13MHHS 3-PC Segmental Clamp, 13IL I-line Clamp, 13ILB Bolted I-Line Clamp, 13IS I-Line Heavy Duty Clamp, Round Tube Hanger, Hex Tube Hanger, …and we have all kinds of Wing Nuts for clamps for choice. A Tri Clamp connection consists of two Ferrules joined by a Clamp with a Gasket. You can buy correct tri clover clamp with your ferrules or you also can use our clamps to match with other standard ferrules.
Our Tube Hangers, Pipe Hangers, Pipe Support Hangers, Tube Support and Pipe Support are available in round shape and hex shape.

Shree Steel India Suppliers a wide range of clamp ferrules in 304, 316 and 316L material in sizes from 1/2" to 12". Our Clamp Ferrules Include 3A Ferrules, I-Line Ferrules, ISO Ferrules, DIN Ferrules, SMS Ferrules and Ferrule Adapter, which are all made by Forging or machined from solid bar.
3A Ferrule --- 3A ferrules include Short Weld Ferrules, Middle Weld Ferrules, Long Weld Ferrules, Expanding Ferrules, Tank Weld Ferrules, Hose Adapters. All of our 3A Tri Clamp Ferrules could be conformed with 3A-16AMP Blank End Cap, 3A- Tri Clamp and Seal 13PG, 13FG as well as other Adapters.
I-Line Ferrule --- It uses a male and female type connection with a special wing nut or two bolts configuration. This makes alignment easier and has been preferred by beverage industry. I-Line Ferrules include Male I-Line Short Weld Ferrules, Male I-Line Long Weld Ferrules, Female I-Line Short Weld Ferrules, Female I-Line Long Weld Ferrules, Male I-Line Solid End Caps, Female I-Line Solid End Caps.
ISO Ferrule --- ISO Ferrules could be conformed with ISO Blank End Cap, Clamp and other Adapters.
DIN Ferrule --- DIN Ferrules could be conformed with DIN Blank End Cap, Clamp and other Adapters.
SMS Ferrule --- SMS Ferrules could be conformed with SMS Blank End Cap, Clamp and other Adapters.
Ferrule Adapter --- It includes Male NPT Adapters to Clamp End, Female NPT Adapters to Clamp End, Male NPT Adapters to Weld End, Female NPT Adapters to Weld End, Tank Weld Ferrules, Tygon Hose Adapters, Rubber Hose Adapters.

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